“So most people have a fear of acquiring the virus, but I think a good way to do it is to imagine you do have the virus, and to change your behavior so you don’t transmit it. Don’t think about changing your behavior so you don’t get it, think about changing your behavior so you don’t give it to someone else”

– Graham Medley

The congregation of Bell Church is actively praying for all of the people residing on our tiny strife-torn planet. You can track the progress of the pandemic using the link below. Warning! This imagery can be anxiety producing.

Sunday Worship at Home with Bell Church – 3/22/2020

Bell Church is being proactive in support of our shut-ins, the physical distancing, and those under quarantine. You can watch or listen to our Sunday Worship service on demand. The physical as well as the spiritual health of our sisters and brothers is our main concern. We are providing additional options to stay connected as a family.

During this stressful time, we understand the need to be extra careful in the face of a highly infectious virus. COVID-19 won’t be with us forever. We look forward to the day you will, once again, grace us with your physical presence at Bell Church.